James Broady

James Brodie

In 1843 James Broady settled at Brisley in Norfolk, and he may have been born in 1799 in Scotland as James Brodie.

James served with the 64th Regiment of Foot (now part of the Staffordshire Regiment) from August 1815 until November 1843 when he was granted a military pension at Chatham. At first he was stationed as a 'headquarters recruit' with the battalion at Plymouth Citadel later on during his service he was posted to Gibraltar, Jamaica and Nova Scotia. He also saw service as a Recruiting Sergeant in many places including, Ireland, Halifax Bungay Suffolk, Norwich and Swaffham.

It was during his posting at Swaffham (1830-1834) that he met and married his wife, Mary Gage (the daughter of John and Ann Gage of Foxley).

James and Mary had four sons and a daughter: Over the course of generations the family name has been spelt as Brodie, Broadie, Brody and Broady, today we find the original spelling of Brodie and Broady throughout Norfolk.

The family tree and history has been carefully researched by a number of people, but we still have a few gaps to fill, but with a little help we may be able to complete the picture.

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